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More About SPLogics

SPlogic Technologies Pvt Ltd (SPLogics) is a software company founded in 2014. We offer services like Web Design, Android App Development, Windows app development, etc.

  • - Website development
  • - Web App development
  • - Android app development
  • - Game development
  • - Software training

Android App Development

Android apps are a versatile tool for day to day life of everyone. From food ordering apps to mobile games, it plays a really important role in the life of even kids and elders and veterans. We the team at SPlogics offer the development of really cost effective and efficient android apps that suit your needs. For more details contact at

Desktop Software Development

Mobile apps though plays a good role for individuals, it may not be sufficient for offices or companies. There comes the desktop software which automates the daily routine works of any office or company. Our development team can bring you the best software packages that suit your requirements. or more details contact at

Software Consultancy

For any software consultancy needs you can contact us at logixsp@gmail.com

Educational Apps / Softwares

Apps and softwares play a huge role in the field of education now a days. We are all set to create educational apps and softwares for any class or subjects.

Game Development

Games are an attraction to kids, teenagers and even adults. At SPLogics we have all the expertise to develop mobile games.

SP Logic Technologies Pvt Ltd, Near Dental College, Thankalam, Kothamangalam, Kerala, India - 686693 email : logixsp@gmail.com